News on the british "Adam-case"

{amazone asins=0099499541 align=right}{/amazone}PR Web press release on the "Adam case":

As the 5-year anniversary of the "Adam" case approaches, compelling new evidence has come to light suggesting that the young black boy, whose torso was pulled out of the River Thames in London, England, on 21 Sept, 2001, may not have been an African witchcraft or "Juju" sacrifice, as is popularly believed.

According to British crime author Jimmy Lee Shreeve, whose latest book "Blood Rites" (Random House 2006) investigates recent cases of alleged ritual killing, the chief advisers to Scotland Yard on the Adam case were fundamentalist Christians, who had a very definite agenda of discrediting traditional African spirituality.

"Not only did these supposedly impartial advisers have a literal belief in the existence of Satan," alleges Shreeve. "But they were involved in promoting the now totally discredited Satanic panics of the late 1980s and 90s."

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